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Bruces Pond Shop is a full service pond store - carrying everything you need to build and maintain your waterscape. Our expert staff have been buliding custom watergardens for over 18 years and will gladly walk you through every step of your pond construction or answer any questions you have on a existing pond. You could also have one of our highly experienced pond builders come to your home and design and build your dream pond for you. We also offer full spring pond clean-ups, fall shutdowns and any maintenance your pond may require throughout the season.


We pride ourselves on having the highest quality koi available. We have a close relationship with Blackwater Creek Koi Farm which allows us to travel to the farms and hand pick our koi. This privilage enables us to have the broadest selection and highest quality koi available. All of our koi are put through a precise quartine process lasting a minimum of 2 weeks before they are ever available for purchase, so we can guarantee our customers will receive healthy koi free from any parasites or disease.


Bruces Pond Shop has always carried an extensive selection of pond products and as of July 2011 we have expanded the business to also cover all of your tropical and marine fish needs. This division of our buisness is named Aquatic Treasures.


Aquatic Treasures Tropical Fish has over 180 Freshwater aquariums stocked with Tropical Community Fish, Imported Plecostomus, Bettas, Catfish, Predator Fish, African Cichlids, South and Central American Cichlids and a few Oddballs. We also have over 40 Saltwater tanks housing an assortment of Angelfish, Tangs, Triggers, Puffers, Wrasses, Gobies and Inverts. All of our Tanks are well lit and clean for your viewing pleasure. All of our fish are medicated and quarantined before your can take them home. We also stock unique Driftwood, Plants, Texas Holey Rock, Base Rock, Lace Rock, Glass Rock and many others to help with your decorating needs. Our knowledgeable staff can help your with your fish questions and test your water.


About Us

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