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Custom Pond Construction

If you are considering adding a Pond or Pondless Waterfall to your Home or bBusiness, Bruce's Pond Shop is the place to go! We can sit down with you and help you make your dream pond a reality. With over 15 years experience in pond construction, we promise your pond will be an attractive addition to your property, and more importantly - structurally sound.

Pond Clean Out

Our crew comes to your home, drains and cleans your pond. You can choose to have us clean it out completely, or set a budget for your cleaning.

(By Appointment Only)

Pond Maintenance

If you are too busy or unable to properly maintain your water feature, we can set up aweekly schedule to come out to your pond and preform any or all of the maintenance necessary to keep your pond looking beautiful all season long. This includes fertilization and trimming of aquatic plants, removal of debris, addition of chemicals and/or bacteria, and cleaning of all skimmers.

Pond Shut Down

Unfortunately, here in Michigan, we cannot have our ponds open all year. Should you not want the hassle of shutting your pond down for the season, our crew will make sure your pond is ready to make it through the fall and winter. We will remove debris, cut down your plants, remove the pump, drain water lines, clean biological media and cover the pond in netting to keep any other debris from entering your pond.

Pond Repair

We all hope that our ponds will always run smoothly and have no problems. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Should your pond face an issue - such as a torn or sagging liner - we can fix it!


Aquarium Maintenance

We can come out to your Home or place of Business to clean and maintain your aquarium properly for you. So you can free up time to enjoy your fish or continue business as normal without the hassle of water changes, filter maintance and water testing. We can also bring supplies to each appointment so you do not have to.


Give us a call to set up your Consultation Appointment and Cleaning.


Skin Scraping

If you have a sick koi, you can bring it in to our store and we can perform a skin scraping to identify the health issue. We carry a broad selection of medications to treat any fish ailment once we identify the problem.


Water Testing

Just bring in a small container of your pond or aquarium water, and we can test it for salinity, pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels that are important to maintain for optimum fish health.





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