Plant Supplies

Pond Plants are a natural way to help keep your pond looking its best. Not only do plants add color and beauty they also provide shade, hiding spots and work as a natural filter using up some of the waste that would otherwise be used in growing more algae. Here are a few products to help keep your plants growing stong.


 aquascape pond plant fert

Aquascape Pond Plant Fertilizer

Aquascape Pond Plant Fertilizer feeds all types of aquatic plants including waterlilies. Unlike other pond tablets that feed for only two weeks, Aquascape Pond Plant Fertilizer provides an initial quick-release of nutrients that ensures proper growth and longer lasting blooms for up to 45 days.

  • Easy to use tabs
  • Available in 36 tabs or 72 tabs
  • 10-14-8






 Aquascape once year fertilizer

Aquascape Once-A-Year Plant Fertilizer

Aquascape Once-A-Year Plant Fertilizer contains a complete time-released fertilizer that will help maximize plant growth and increase flower production all in a single application.

  • Contains a complete time-release fertilizer that will help maximize plant growth and increase flower production all in one single application
  • 13-13-13









 fabric pot

Aquascape Aquatic Planter

  • Aquatic Planters are ideal for all pond plants.
  • The fine porous material allows water in, but keeps soil from entering your pond. The flexible material makes it simple to place the plants where plastic pots will not fit.
  • Aquatic Planters easily blend in with the rest of the pond.
  • Comes in packs of 2
  • Sizes : 6", 12" & 12"





 plant island

Aquascape Floating Plant Island

  • Display plants in deeper areas of the pond where there are no plant shelves
  • The floating planter keeps the soil intact and lets water in, while protecting plants from fish
  • Constructed to stay afloat at the surface of the pond, the Aquascape Floating Plant Island provides stunning options for displaying plants within the pond.